Pouring for the people

We believe everyone has the right to enjoy great wine. So we’re setting out to build a more inclusive community for wine lovers of all kinds


At Outpour, our aim is for a wider, more diverse group of people to feel welcomed into the world of wine and to develop confidence in their own tastes, because why should wine, a universal symbol of conviviality, be seen as an elitist hobby for the few? And today, 80% of wine purchases are made by women, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that wine is a man’s pursuit.

Ever looked at the wine list and thought WTF? Got bored at a tasting that’s got real boys-club vibes? We’ve all been there. It’s why we’re building a new kind of wine community. It’s for people who want to learn without fear of being judged, establish their own sense of taste, or just enjoy a glass that’s been picked by someone you trust.

Why should wine, a universal symbol of conviviality, be seen as an elitist hobby for the few?


We think this imbalance needs redressing and believe that everyone has the right to experience the joy of drinking and learning about wine. Through our unpretentious tasting experiences and personalised wine selections, we champion a different version of ‘knowledge is power’. So, whether you want to unleash your inner wine geek, tell a great story about the wine you’re drinking, discover a bit more about the styles you like or just have fun, Outpour is here to help you do that.

We are proudly female-founded and female-owned and confident that our different perspective gives our community a fresh take on wine. Think of us as the antithesis of the ‘old guard.’ So, out with the closed doors and stuffy conventions. In with the open minds and great times.


A wine pairing for every course
Drink your way through Spain


We're curating a wine list that reflects the diversity of our community. Take our quick quiz so we can learn more about your preferences and we'll make sure Outpour is stocked with wine you'll love.


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